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 Home: NWN:EE Is Live

AnnouncementsNWN:EE is here! New server IP address is See vault instructions here:

Posted by Dorakhan on Thursday, April 05 @ 03:36:01 UTC (169 reads)
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 Narfell Wiki Down

AnnouncementsDue to recent issues with spam on the wiki, it has been taken down until the content is cleaned and we can implement new security measures. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Posted by Dorakhan on Friday, January 11 @ 00:07:45 UTC (8830 reads)
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 New Forum Hosting

AnnouncementsNarfell is now on a new web host, since our old host, Hostmonster, blamed our site for lagging their servers.

The new server is much more robust, and you should notice a significant performance improvement.

My thanks to my friend David, without whom the move would have taken far longer.

- Sethan

Posted by Sethan on Saturday, April 09 @ 04:15:25 UTC (10123 reads)
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 B8 Finale Teaser and Event Log

Events & StorylineChronicle of 1499, the Year of the Desperate Gambit


It is no secret that this year in Narfell’s history fascinates me. Many would assume it is simply because I lived through this time of turmoil. I was a thirteen year old lad helping his parents work the farm in Jiyyd when these events took place. My parents’ deaths still haunt me to this day. But it is not for this reason that I obsess.

Posted by Kallethen on Tuesday, September 30 @ 19:41:43 UTC (13856 reads)
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 Okay to update to 1.69

Bioware's NWNNarfell has been updated to 1.69! Hooray! So go update your clients. Check out the build notes for more details on the latest build.

Posted by Kallethen on Monday, July 21 @ 18:35:24 UTC (7317 reads)
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 New Director of Public Relations

AnnouncementsDM Loquacious, also known as Zyphlin, has taken over the task of getting Narfell's name out there on the server lists for NWN. We're one of the oldest, kindest, better run PW's around and it's time everybody knew it. So he'll be working to get our Narfell name updated in the places where we've been advertising, and in some new places as well. Fresh blood! YAY Zyph!

Posted by gypsywych on Saturday, June 07 @ 14:13:31 UTC (13848 reads)
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 Narfell is currently running on 1.68

ServerNarfell is currently running on V1.68. Please update your NWN to that version. Yes, we are all eagerly awaiting the final version of 1.69 and testing. Horses and other cool stuff on the way!

Posted by gypsywych on Wednesday, March 19 @ 11:45:48 UTC (22521 reads)
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 Mori came and went...

AnnouncementsIn other news, our favorite code monkey has been seen....both coming and going lately. It was even documented by Teah. Guess we know who she's watching these days!

Posted by gypsywych on Wednesday, March 19 @ 11:32:39 UTC (42581 reads)
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 Greetings and Welcome to all New Adventurers!

NewsRecently we’ve all noticed an increase in new players to Narfell. I’d like to extend a welcome to all of these new players on behalf of Narfell’s Community, DMs and Staff, and wish you many happy adventures on the server.

And to help out our recent crop of new players, I’d like to direct their attention to a few helpful links and notices that will help make your time at Narfell pleasant and enriching.

First off is the New Adventurer’s Inn Index, which can be quickly accessed through the following link:

New Adventurer's Index

Which include an index of quick links to everything from server rules, explanations of the type of HCR rule set used at Narfell, tips for role players new and old as well as contact information for the staff of Narfell.

Those new players wishing for a more one on one introduction to Narfell should feel free to contact any one of our helpful and friendly Player Guides or Player Leads. A list of current PGs and PLs can be found at the following link:

Narfell Player Guides and Player Leads

We’d also like to encourage that any and all players of Narfell join our community chat channel on IRC, where you can speak to our PGs and PLs outside of the game, and get better acquainted with the rest of the community.

If you’re unsure of where to download the mIRC chat relay program, or unsure of how to connect to the Narfell Community Chat, you can find this information at the following link:


Once you’ve decided on the type of character you will play at Narfell, feel free to post a description of your new character in the Character Descriptions of the forums at:

Character Descriptions

Where you’ll be able to share your creation with your fellow players.

Also be sure to post a pre-Narfell Character history in our Historical Archives section of the forums, found at:

Historical Archives

where you also can earn a small amount of XP for your new character (only for characters below level three).

And you can continue to chronicle the tales of your character through Tales by the Fire, found at:

Tales By The Fire

Participating in Character Descriptions, Historical Archives and Tales by the Fire are optional for all of our players, and by no means mandatory.

In closing, I again wish to welcome all of our new players to Narfell, and to encourage them to take advantage of the many opportunities and experiences the server has to offer.

Welcome to Narfell!

BetaPhi / Cowgirl Clementine
Narfell Public Relations

Posted by Cowgirl_Clementine on Wednesday, July 20 @ 19:56:42 UTC (25513 reads)
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 IRC Channel

AnnouncementsNarfell IRC Channel To get to this IRC server you can type: /server Once you have connected to darkmyst, please register your nick by typing: /msg nickserv REGISTER yourpassword youremail then join #narfell You can also join the channel by clicking on the Chat button under Player Haven on the Menu. Enjoy!

Posted by Jadzia on Sunday, February 27 @ 13:38:51 UTC (45183 reads)
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What else would would you like to see for Narf?

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more monsters?
more dungeons?


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